Content Marketing That Matters

Content Marketing That Matters

Content marketing

Does your content marketing strategy make you feel like this? More importantly does it leave your customers feeling like this?

If content is king, then content marketing is the galactic imperial emperor. It’s what separates the droids from imperial storm troopers; those who rank highly on the search engines, and those who don’t show up at all.

Today content marketing means fun, useful and target-specific information that builds and engages a digital audience. Whether it’s your Web site, Blog site, Facebook or Twitter account, it’s no longer about broadcasting. Consumers don’t want to be preached at. They want to have conversations and they want to participate.

Not only does content marketing need to be user-friendly, it needs to be search engine-friendly as well. The best written, most engaging content means nothing if people can’t find it.

You have a Web site, a Facebook page and maybe a Twitter account, but what are you doing with them?

Let us join the team

Citizen Influencer specializes in creating content marketing that appeals to your target audience, as well as the search engines. From blog posts optimized for search engines (SEO) to Facebook campaigns that grow and engage your audience, from ongoing Twitter management to Youtube videos and podcasts, we help add a valued team member to the mix without the added overhead. We’ve served global retail clients, the auto industry – both at the manufacturing and dealership levels, as well as food service and county government.

We can do the work for you, train your team members for you or provide a blend of services that keep costs down and digital exposure up.

Contact us for a free review of your current plan and a report on how we can help.